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What is Sacramento’s Best Rx Savings Program?

Sac Best Rx Savings Program has been designed to lower the cost of prescriptions for the residents of Sacramento County.

No registration or qualifications required to utilize Sac Best Rx Savings Card and the program is absolutely free.

Welcome to the Sac Best Rx Savings Program

Sac Best Rx Savings Program is designed to lower the cost of prescription medications for the residents of the County of Sacramento, California.

There is no registration or qualifications required to use Sac Best Rx Savings Card.

Everyone can participate! In addition, there is no membership fee and the card is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Sac Best Rx Savings Card can:


Simply print Sac Best Rx Savings Program card and it is ready to use immediately! Start saving now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

“This exciting program is going to reach thousands of Sacramento County residents looking for ways to save on their prescription drugs,” said Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services Director Ann Edwards. 

 “The Sac Best Rx Savings Card is available for free and significantly reduces the cost of medications at a time when families and seniors need it most.” 


There are no waiting periods to receive the Sac Best Rx Savings Card, no pre-existing condition restrictions, no membership fees and the card instantly activates. 

More than 60,000 pharmacies are participating nationwide.  

If the pharmacy’s usual and customary price is lower than the Sac Best Rx Savings Card price, the resident will pay the lower price.


If a resident learns a pharmacy is not enrolled in the program, it can be enrolled quickly, so they are able to immediately take advantage of the discount.  

A 24-hour pharmacy helpline is available to assist with questions from the participant or to aid in pharmacy enrollment.  

The Sac Best Rx Savings Card website provides an easy-to-use pharmacy locator tool, as well as a drug pricing index that aids participants in finding the low-cost pharmacy in their neighborhood zip code.

If you have any questions regarding Sac Best Rx Savings Card program call toll free 


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Except as otherwise required by applicable state law, the following is Sac Best Rx Savings Program’s dispute resolution procedure: If for any reason you become dissatisfied with the level of service provided by Sac Best Rx Savings Program, you may contact our Customer Service Department, toll-free, at: (877) 684-0032. Sac Best Rx cardholders always have the option of filing a complaint or asking any question in writing. Please address your inquiries to:

Sac Best Rx Savings Program

c/o EnvisionRxOptions

P.O. Box 89698

Tampa, FL 33689-0411

Sac Best Rx Savings Program will provide a written response to your inquiry within fifteen (15) days of receipt. When submitting your inquiry please include the following:

  • Your name, address and telephone number

  • The details surrounding the reason for your inquiry or complaint

  • Information concerning the efforts that you have made to resolve the matter

  • All responses that other parties have made in response to your complaint

  • How you would like to see that matter resolved


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